Psalms to Counteract Fear & Stress

This article was originally written by Peter Trautmann, The Navigators’ City Collegiate Director for NYC What can we do with our fears when we face a crisis? After reading many

Spiritual Generations: One life to another

Jeff Driediger came to McMaster University to play volleyball and study civil engineering. On his first weekend in Hamilton he met Don Corry, a Navigator staff who was leading the

University Isn’t a Waiting Period

“University isn’t a waiting period for the rest of my life!” exclaimed Kaitlin one Friday morning. She and I have been meeting regularly to discuss apprenticeship to Jesus through our

CRAE: It’s all about disagreeing well

How do we deeply disagree and yet still respect each other?

Beauty is Redemption

My experience at Sanctuary was unlike any other I’ve had. On the weekend of March 26th, my friend Nic and I drove from Kingston to Toronto for an urban mission experience at Sanctuary Church as part of our involvement with The Navigators’ Mission Immersion Project.

Searching for Isaac

In the book of Genesis, God makes a promise to Abraham: “your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him.” (Gen. 17:19, NIV)

Training Up Disciplemakers

Within The Navigators, leaders known as mobile alongsiders faithfully teach and help other leaders work more effectively in their home contexts.

10 Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

No doubt most of us have moments when our hearts spring up with thanks for God’s goodness. But at times we may also find ourselves in wintry spiritual seasons when

A Foundation of Gospel Workers

Felix Koimburi and his wife Mercy are pioneering a Navigator ministry in Mozambique to establish a foundational group of disciplemakers who will advance a gospel movement into the rest of the country.

Empowering leaders to break the cycle of dependency

Tsigereda Yemane Mengistu, also known as Tsige, has dedicated her Navigator ministry to pursuing both her passion and the Lord’s calling on her life to work with people in need.

Twenty Transformative Minutes

Last spring, I attended The Navigators’ Base Camp training program at the beautiful Snider Mountain Ranch in New Brunswick. When I arrived, I stepped into the main hall and instantly

Why ministry partners are gifts of blessing

After His resurrection, Jesus appeared to the 11 disciples and gave them The Great Commission, where he tells them to go and make disciples. This mission of disciplemaking is for all followers of Christ,

Redeeming Discipleship

Growing up in the church, Peter Reynolds* was expected to become a leader. His great-grandfather co-founded the church he and his family attended. His father succeeded his grandfather as the

The unexpected perks of discipling on toy-covered carpets

My vision of what my life as a stay-at-home mom would look like does not match my reality. I had envisioned myself as a mom who would have fun with

How God meets us in our mental health journeys

Ron Pagé has been a therapist for 25 years and currently serves with The Navigators as a staff-care and coaching specialist. Ron first encountered The Navigators as a university student. After

Bringing Mission Back – MI Ghana 2017

The Navigators’ Mission Immersion Project spanned 4 months and ended with an international trip to Ghana that gave our team a vast amount of learning, experience, and adventure. I want to take

Searching for Belonging and Connection – MI Ghana 2017

Late on a Saturday evening in Accra, Ghana, kids who live on the street gather together for the night. At the same time, volunteers from an organization called Future of Africa (FOA)

Reflections and Insights from GSP 2017

Every summer a group of Navigator students and recent grads descend upon The Navigators’ headquarters at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs for two months to participate in the Global Student Program (GSP). They

Discipleship in Action: Andrea’s journey to following Jesus

I like helping people. It’s not an uncommon sentiment, but as I prepared to graduate from university and find a job, it became clear to me my passion was, and

Finding common ground: Why anxiety is a discipling asset

It’s evening. The day is nearly done and the world is winding down for the night. You’re safe at home but suddenly you start to feel panicked. It’s somehow a

Is it better in El Guasmo?

This article was originally published on June 8 on Dan McIver’s ministry blog It looked so innocent on the itinerary. Go to the farm to experience a day in the

The value of “Hey, you”

Orientation Week at the University of Calgary is a festive affair. Every year, 5,000 first-year students parade along the manicured lawns of the South Courtyard, checking out the various booths

Getting out of the student bubble

Every university and college student wants to do well in their studies, graduate with as little debt as possible and get a good job they can build their future around.

What we learned at BaseCamp West 2017

Hey everyone, I got back from The Navigators’ BaseCamp week on Friday (May 5) and it was awesome! I met lots of new people, went on some great hikes and

Giving God a Try

When I asked J what he appreciates from our team chapels, he said “I like the fact that no matter what, there’s someone who’s got my back.” This is now my

Bread and Discipleship: A tangible expression of God’s love

Every week for the past six years, Colleen Wardell and a team of eight volunteers from Sunshine Ridge Baptist Church in Surrey, B.C. have been bringing bread to people in

Immersed in Sanctuary: Living out Jesus through mission

In the third week of February, a group of university students from Ottawa, Kingston and Waterloo traveled to Toronto to visit with and learn from the community of Sanctuary Toronto. These students

Theology on Tap: Discussing life’s deep questions over beer

What would it look like if followers of Jesus led surprising and intriguing lives? This is the question Michael Frost addresses in the opening pages of Surprise the World. He talks

Four discipleship legacies we can pass on

When we think of leaving a legacy, we often think in terms of death and how we will be remembered. However, it also applies to times of change. Whether it’s

Looking back to a weekend of discipleship and community

This past June, I received an email asking if I’d be interested in reuniting with a bible study group I had been part of at Carleton University. I accepted, and

The importance of a navigator

Throughout history, navigators have been crucial to the success of human exploration at sea. When you find yourself in the middle of the ocean, with no clear signs or pre-determined

What does it mean to be an alongsider?

If you have ever attended a Navigator event, talked at length with a Navigator or read some kind of Navigator literature, it’s likely you’ve come across the term ‘coming alongside’

5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Campus Club

As soon as you enter the maze of tables at Clubsfest, you know it won’t be easy getting out. You’re surrounded by a sea of people ambling and shuffling along

From one life to another: Why discipleship works

Do you know the power of discipleship? It lies within the individual, regular people like you who have a desire to help others grow in their faith. As you faithfully

Students look back on GSP 2016

This year, 40 university students from around the world arrived at The Navigators’ international headquarters in Colorado Springs for the annual Global Student Program. This intensive, two-month experience trains and

One Cup of Coffee

Peter’s Navigator experience began over a cup of coffee with Dan McIver, leader for the Kingston Navigators. This initial investment began a relationship that Peter says transformed his view of

The Navigators and Bill C-14: Medical assistance in dying

Bill C-14, known as the medical assistance in dying bill, is currently working its way through the legislative process en route to becoming law by June 6, the deadline given

Root Camp 2016

During the week of May 1-7, Navigator students from across Canada came together at Snider Mountain Ranch in New Brunswick to learn more about deepening their faith in Jesus. Throughout the week,

The importance of being welcomed

A welcoming environment is one of the most critical characteristics a community can have. The Navigators strive to create spaces where people can ask questions about and wrestle with issues

The need for soul talk: Why spirituality is still relevant to mental health

If you asked *Nancy’s friends to describe her, they might tell you about her endearing sense of humour. For certain they would mention her willingness to help others, and likely

Stepping into the danger zone: Mike’s story

Mike* was a typical university student. As a fourth-year English literature student at Aleppo University in Syria, life was busy, full of classes and late night work on assignments and

An intern’s perspective: Generations

The demographics of university fascinate me. Though to a first year student it seems like graduation is a lifetime away, the 4-5 years fly by. Only 6 years ago I was a

Goodbye school year!

Ever wonder what the Navigators are up to in your community? One of the many ways we are involved is through discipling the students at Universities and Colleges in 17

From Fear to Faith: How a B.C. teacher found peace

Since February 2015, Denice Marr, a home economics teacher from Kamloops, B.C., has been battling stage four ovarian cancer, yet through her faith in God, she has experienced a peace

The year at a glance for Navigators on Campus

Ever wonder what the Navigators are up to in your community? One of the many ways we are involved is through discipling the students at Universities and Colleges in 13

This year at a glance for Navigator Interns

Every year, Navigator ministries offer graduating students the opportunity to join a ministry team as an intern. Internships typically last anywhere from one to two years and can be done

When faiths collide curiously, respectfully and engagingly

  For the past 3 years, the Carleton Navigator student group in Ottawa, ON has regularly hosted an event called Curiosity, Respect and Engagement, often shortened to CRAE. While the

New leaders on campus

JD Sherman, a recent industrial design graduate from Carleton University, spent this past year interning with The Navigators at the University of Guelph. His assignment has been to re-open the

The value of authenticity

How do you know when the right time is to share your faith with someone else? Is it five minutes after meeting them? Is it when you’d identify them as

The Navigators host their 4th Disciple! conference in South Georgian Bay

On February 9, members of Business as Mission and Transformation: South Georgian Bay invited The Navigators to Collingwood, ON to host the fourth Disciple! conference and help catalyze the process

The Navigators select a new International President

It is a joy and privilege to announce that Mutua Mahiaini has been selected as the next International President and General Director of The Navigators. After three days of deliberations

Looking towards Toronto

In December 2014, The Navigators announced a plan to establish city ministry teams in 15 cities across the country over the next three years. These teams, comprised of Navigator employees

Looking back at the winter retreats of 2015

Throughout the month of January, Navigator campus ministries across the country took a weekend to get away from the busyness of student life and recharge for the upcoming semester. Surrounded

Living Like U Mean It

This past September and October, Tim Ernst led a Meetup group in Vancouver, B.C. called Live Like U Mean It, a series devoted to helping individuals live their lives the

2014 Fall Semester Recap

As the fall semester comes to a close for university and college students, here’s a look-back at what happened in Navigator campus groups across the country: Queen’s University, with Dan

A different kind of Christmas

When the Christmas season rolls around every year, the advertisements, posters and jingles want you to buy into the idea that you need to get as much stuff as you

Seeing the Person, Not the Circumstances

What do you think of when you hear the words ‘marginalized,’ ‘oppressed,’ or ‘vulnerable’? Is it starving children in Africa? Refugees living in a camp? Orphans and widows in the

Helping Them Live a Life of Dignity

On June 15, 2014, armed gunmen entered Mpeketoni, a small community of approximately 1,000 people southwest of Lamu, Kenya. The attackers torched businesses, homes and vehicles and killed approximately 60

National Director Appointed

On September 1, 2014, The Navigators bid a fond farewell to Eric Stolte as our President and National Director. It was a joyous and emotional farewell, with many across the

Faith in the Midst of Adversity

The Holden family has lived and worked among the people of Lubango, the capital city of the southern Huila province of Angola for over 30 years. They have focused on

(Un)Conventional leadership

The Navigators of Canada are people committed to the goal of “advancing the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of labourers living and discipling

Missional Money

We are all familiar with the story of how Jesus selected his band of disciples, lived his life with them and invited them to discover their destiny. This life-on-life approach

Trial by Jungle

“The human mind plans the way, but the Lord directs the steps” (Prov. 16:9, NRSV). Each of us makes many plans throughout our lives. Some are everyday decisions while others

Family Dinner

In the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in activities. Sometimes we sacrifice spending time with others so we can tick off those last few

A light in the mine

Josh Davis always knew he would end up in mining. His birthday, August 17, is the same day gold was first discovered in the Yukon. His passion continued to grow

Forming and Forging Friendships with Frisbee

Forging genuine connections with other people begins with building a foundation on the common ground we share. We usually start with safe topics, such as their reaction to the weather,

Student leaders return from global leadership training

Every year, student leaders from Navigator ministries across the world come to The Navigators’ headquarters at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs, Colorado for an intensive two-month leadership course called the

Shooting for the moon

This past November, a group of men led by Navigator staff Tim Ernst and Irv Augustine met together over the course of a weekend to figure out the impact they

A Change of Clothes: Making the Good News Relevant

When Allan and Caulene Bussard moved from Canada to Yugoslavia in 1975, it was during the heyday of the Soviet Union and tensions between the West and East were in

And the beat goes on

Nuke Shim has been involved with the Navigators for the past 54 years along with his wife Vie, tangibly showing the Chinese students and immigrants they work with that they

First hand tellings of the Ottawa shootings

Canadians everywhere were shaken on Wednesday when the Ottawa downtown became a scene of chaos as a result of a gunman’s murderous trek to Parliament’s Centre Block. The shooter was

Elvis, Dutch Blitz and Befriending Anxiety: The Navigators Fall Retreats

Over the past couple months, Navigator campus groups across the country have taken a weekend to get away, bond with one another and learn more about God. These retreats have

Stepping out in Faith – Paul Tan and the Edmonton Navigators

Paul Tan is the campus leader for the Navigator student group at the University of Alberta. He has been in leadership there for the past 12 years, working to develop

Janet Holden in Angola

For the last 30 years, Janet Holden and her five children have been living and working in Angola. They’ve worked to mentor business professionals, going so far as to establish

Continuing to work with inner-city youth

A key element of the Navigator mission is to help foster healthy community. One of the ways we do this is by getting involved in local events and initiatives, such

Meeting God in the Broken Places

In Western culture, head knowledge, like analytical and critical thinking, has become the most celebrated form of intelligence. Those especially gifted in areas such as science and technology are lauded

A Seemingly Simple Act

One of the driving forces propelling the Navigators forward is the idea of legacy. Throughout the course of our lives, we are constantly learning and accomplishing new things. But who

Learning to Lead

Part of our Navigator vision is to grow young new leaders into excellent leaders in their communities. One of these new leaders is Andreas Russell in Vancouver, BC. Andreas has

Carleton Navigator Student Canoe Trip

Ten students from the Carleton Navigator group recently returned from a four-day canoe and camping trip to celebrate the end of exams and to grow in their walk with God.