Kevin is a finance and capital markets professional in Montreal. He has held senior positions at Canadian financial institutions, where his expertise has helped drive success. As a volunteer, he has served with and contributed to community organizations, including Christian Direction and Sun Youth (based in Montreal). In 2014, he joined the national board of directors for Navigators Canada. Kevin wants to leverage his financial expertise to help make a positive impact for Christ. At present, Kevin serves on the Canadian Navigators Board as Treasurer.


Rupen Das is President of the Canadian Bible Society and Research Professor at Tyndale University. He has extensive field experience working in community development, humanitarian assistance and academia across the world. He came to Christ through the Navigators at Syracuse University. After that he went on staff at Syracuse and then helped open a new work in Philadelphia. He was then an international trainee in Thailand and part of the first leadership team in India. During that time, he was involved in the early attempts of insider movements. He has written extensively in the area of missions.


Jenna Haugen is a family doctor practicing predominantly out of the Northwest Territories with a focus on perinatal health, breastfeeding medicine, and rural and remote primary care. Through her own experience at the University of Calgary student ministry, Jenna was drawn into the Navigators mission to be a disciple and to help Christians mature in their faith journey. Joining the board in 2021, she brings a perspective from the public sector and a workplace that often interfaces with marginalized people. In her free time, she takes part in any sport she can find and as much wilderness exploration as possible, especially kayak touring. At present, Jenna serves on the Canadian Navigators Board as Secretary.


Peter Lee hails from the island of Borneo, Malaysia and is currently based in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He is a professional structural engineer and has been with Stantec Consulting Limited since 2002. Prior to that, Peter spent almost 20 years at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) as an undergraduate, graduate student, research assistant, and post-doctoral fellow. The Navigators instilled Christian structure and biblical disciplines into his life during his time at UNB, for which he is grateful. Peter and Esther married when they were university students, and they have three adult sons. Family outdoor adventures, biblical studies and martial arts are how he likes to spend his free time.


Nancy graduated from the University of Western Ontario law school in 1979 and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1981. She practiced law as a civil litigation specialist from 1981-2013. She had her own boutique law firm specialized in catastrophic personal injury cases in downtown Toronto for the 13 years before her retirement. She came to a personal faith in Jesus while a student through the campus ministry of the Navigators of Canada. Since that time, she has carried on teaching, small group, and one on one ministry. At present, Nancy serves on the Canadian Navigators Board as Vice Chair.


David attended the University of Calgary from 2005 to 2010. During that time, he was actively involved with the Navigators where he was discipled by Scott Blenkhorne. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in political science, he went east to the University of Ottawa law school. While there, he fell in love with a Navigator staff working at Carleton University, Meaghan Lockhart. David graduated with his juris doctorate in 2013. Shortly afterwards, David and Meaghan were married and moved to Calgary, where they now live with their two young boys, Desmond and Maverick. David and Meaghan are active with the Navigators' Calgary city team. David is a partner with the law firm Bennett Jones where he practices in international commercial arbitration, with a focus on construction disputes. At present, David serves on the Canadian Navigators Board as Chair.