Help create more opportunities for students to be mentored in their faith

Do you desire to see students across Canada form a deep connection with God and others? As Navigators, we believe one of the best ways to see this happen is by walking alongside students and offering them a transformative and holistic mentoring relationship.

What we do?

  1. Guide students to experience a deep, ongoing connection with Jesus
  2. Engage students in their natural relational networks with the life-giving Word
  3. Remain faithfully present with students through life’s stages and circumstances
  4. Equip students to intentionally pass-along their faith and, in turn, become guides to others

“Having mentors teach me how to rely on God and having a community to support me was an invaluable gift, and an experience that would have been near impossible to find elsewhere.”
– UBC Student

“It has been huge to have someone see your potential and help you reach that. The Navigators have taught me, loved me in a caring way and shown that I can do things that I might not think I can.”
– Carleton Student Alumni