Church IconThe church is a vital community of people who gather and grow as followers of Jesus to share Him with a broken world. Navigator Church Ministry Canada seeks to help equip pastors and leaders grow intentional disciplemaking cultures by committing to walk with them for the long-haul. We seek to shift discipleship from a program on the fringe of the church to the central focus of every church we work with.


We remain faithfully present with church leaders, staying with them for years to empower their growth as spirit-led Christ followers. We also invite leaders to valuable events and workshops to hone their skills and increase their effectiveness as mature disciplemakers and integrity-rich people. We connect them with helpful resources they can use to invite those in their care to experience Jesus more deeply.

There are multiple ways to connect with us:

Disciple! Blog

A place to learn and be encouraged in your role as a disciplemaker who is intentionally engaged in seeing God’s kingdom advanced through multiplying generations of kingdom workers. Receive monthly blog posts by subscribing here.

The Navigator Church Disciplemaking Forum is a monthly online gathering for pastors and church leaders to learn together about simple approaches to disciplemaking. Developing and equipping everyday disciplemakers is critical to our mission. We know disciplemaking can be intimidating. So often people get the idea that you have to be a pastor, seminary graduate, or ministry professional to make disciples. But the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom advances most powerfully through the example of everyday people living like Jesus wherever they go—no matter what. Engaging with a variety of content (Walk With Me, Podcasts and Video) you will move from knowledge of disciplemaking principles to application. This track begins each fall and ends in spring. To participate or find out more, contact us (contact information below).

Growing Disciples Life-on-Life Training meets twice monthly online for church pastors to equip everyday disciplemakers to see relational disciplemaking as a natural part of their lifestyle wherever they live, work, or play. We will use the workbook – The Ways of the Alongsider (NavPress) by Bill Mowry as a training tool that teaches biblical principles and practices that mark the life of an everyday disciplemaker. We love this resource because right from the start, Bill speaks to the “ministry amateur.” He explains how the Latin word for amateur means “lover.” Amateurs are people who do things out of love. One of Bill’s passions is to de-professionalize the Great Commission so that more people in your church can be engaged in God’s mission.

The Alongsider cohort invites you to explore the Scriptures, learn through reflective questions, and experience some practical exercises. From beginning to end, there’s an emphasis on mission. This track begins each fall and ends in spring (no December meetings). To participate or find out more, contact us (contact information below).

What kind of disciples is your church making? 

 Disciplemaking in a church doesn’t happen by osmosis. Pastors and ministry leaders must be committed to intentionally build, nourish, and sustain cultures of life-to-life disciplemaking. What you preach, teach, and model sets the culture for your congregation and ministry. In other words, over time your church becomes equipped and aligned with the Great Commission to form disciplemakers who partner with God on His mission.

Find out how our Growing Intentional Disciplemaking Culture (GiDC) process can make disciples that impact their world. It’s a process that starts with the culture you have and intentionally grows your church into one that equips and celebrates disciplemakers. We help you take Biblical principles and apply them to your unique context and local setting so you can impact your community with the Gospel. It’s a highly relational, intentional and missional process.

Contact us (information below) and mention the “GiDC Culture Assessment.” Our first step will be to conduct a free culture assessment for your church or group.


Are you interested in knowing more about how the Navigator Church Ministries Team can help you and your church intentionally make disciples who make disciples? Contact Church Ministries Coordinator Dennis Funk at churchpartnering@navigators.ca


Contact: Dennis Funk