Navigators on Campus

On campuses across Canada, The Navigators are engaged in active community with students to provide an approachable, trustworthy place to learn more about what it means to live a life rooted in God’s Word.

What does this look like?
  • Engaging community events and experiences
  • Learning to live out of the Word in small group Bible studies
  • One-to-one mentoring opportunities
  • Passing on what you have learned to others and looking for ways to tangibly live out the Gospel

Come discover a vibrant community where you will be mentored and guided towards a deeper relationship with Jesus.

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University of British Columbia

Campus Staff:

Richie Speidel | campus director |

Michael Weidman | campus leader |

Amy Weidman | campus leader |

Julia Poon | campus mentor |

Matty Godinez | intern |

University of Calgary

Campus Staff:

Rick McCallum | campus director |

Zach McIver | campus mentor |

Greg Herrick | campus mentor |

University of Ottawa

Campus Staff:

Emily Lorentz | campus director |

Queen’s University

Campus Staff:

Adam Bloemendal | campus mentor |

University of Alberta

Campus Staff:

Paul Tan | campus leader |

University of Saskatchewan

Campus Staff:

Robert Koop | campus mentor |

Carleton University

Campus Staff:

Emily Lorentz | campus director |

Bruce Narbaitz | campus mentor |

Stephen Kimbell | intern |

Emma Barrett | intern |

Western University

Campus Staff:

Munjula Saito | campus mentor |

Saint Mary’s University

Campus Staff:

Marsha Abarbanel | campus mentor |

Ron Abarbanel | campus mentor |

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