Navigators on Campus


Navigators on CampusOn campuses across Canada, The Navigators are engaged in active community with students, including both believers and those who are seeking. We aim to provide an approachable, trustworthy place for students to learn more about what it means to live a life rooted in God’s Word with the ultimate goal of guiding them to experience a deep relationship with Jesus.

Navigators on CampusWhat does this look like?

We are purposeful in developing stimulating and engaging relationships as we teach students to live out of the Word and equip them to repeat the process with people in their networks.

The Navigators love vibrant communities and seek to create them through outdoor fun, camps and retreats. We pursue active engagement with each other and through our campus ministry.

The Navigators are actively present on university campuses across Canada.


University of British Columbia

Contact: Richie Speidel

University of Alberta

Contact: Paul Tan

University of Calgary

Contact: Rick McCallum

University of Saskatchewan

Contact: Robert Koop

Carleton University

Contact: Emily Lorentz

University of Ottawa

Contact: Emily Lorentz

Western University

Contact: Munjula Saito

Saint Mary’s University

Contact: Marsha Abarbanel

Queen’s University

Contact: Adam Bloemendal