March 11, 2020
volleyball players celebrating a score

Jeff celebrates after scoring a key point during a game.

Jeff Driediger came to McMaster University to play volleyball and study civil engineering. On his first weekend in Hamilton he met Don Corry, a Navigator staff who was leading the Navigator campus ministry.

Jeff and Don met weekly for five years.

Jeff endured the ups and downs of playing on one of Canada’s top volleyball teams, including two hip surgeries. His playing time diminished over time, but his influence on the team was great. He shared about the deep, ongoing connection he experienced with Jesus, inviting his fellow teammates to experience this as well.

From one to another

One of these players was Dylan. Jeff invited Dylan to join his small group, and a year and a half ago Dylan came to faith. Jeff continued to remain faithfully present with Dylan, equipping him to pass along his faith and become a guide to others.

Last year, Jeff graduated and moved back home to British Columbia to begin his work in waste water engineering. He continues to have monthly Facetime mentoring calls with Don, and continues to connect with Dylan.

In BC, Jeff is now mentoring some young men in his natural networks through church and a local volleyball team. He is fully committed to mentoring and equipping a new generation of individuals who are ready to pass along their faith and help guide others to experience Jesus deeply. He is giving his life so they can experience deeper connections with people and God in the midst of life.

At the same time, Dylan has been meeting weekly with Don in Hamilton. Don has guided Dylan to grow in his ability to lead a small group on campus. This mentoring has included topics such as how to ask good questions, how to lead the group effectively and understanding some difficult passages of Scripture.

group of guys sitting around table in a restaurant

James (front left), Dylan (back left), Don (back right) and Jeff (front right) gathering at a coffee spot

Dylan meets in a triad with another student James, along with Don. Dylan has reached out to some newer teammates on the volleyball team, inviting them to join and engage with the life-giving Word.

Carrying the vision forward

He is becoming a disciple who makes disciples. He too has caught a vision for spending time with others and guiding them to experience Jesus deeply.

Like Jeff, Dylan also found some of his playing time reduced, which has helped him grow and mature in his identity in Christ and how he sees himself. Dylan is hoping to study law upon graduation, and plans to keep engaging with those in his relational network, wherever he finds himself, continuing the spiritual lineage he has inherited from his mentors, Jeff and Don.


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