May 11, 2015
Throughout the month of January, Navigator campus ministries across the country took a weekend to get away from the busyness of student life and recharge for the upcoming semester. Surrounded by God’s creation, the students had the opportunity to grow and be challenged by the words of the guest speakers.

In B.C., Ron Pagé spoke to students about “Befriending Anxiety and Stress”, sharing from his personal experiences and offering advice and ideas about how to move into this acceptance.

From there, Ron also spoke at the Prairies’ tri-university retreat on “Navigating the Dark Places of the Heart”. Utilizing his personal experiences, he walked the students through what this may look like and how they can emerge from it stronger and healthier. Ron’s talks from this retreat can be found on the U of A podcast channel.

Further east, in Ontario, students from McMaster, Western and Guelph came together to hear from Leanne Friesen, the lead pastor for Mount Hamilton Baptist Church. Her talk centered on “The Leader Within” and dealt with overcoming fears we associate with leadership.

Elsewhere, Queen’s and Carleton met up at Camp Iawah to learn from Yemi Mobolade, who spoke on “God’s Mission, Your World”, focusing on what our identity in God is and how we can live that out for the benefit of those around us. His talks are available on the Carleton Navigators’ podcast channel.


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