August 1, 2014

For the last 30 years, Janet Holden and her five children have been living and working in Angola. They’ve worked to mentor business professionals, going so far as to establish an English-language institute to help these professionals improve their English skills. They have also helped people learn more about Jesus and the Bible, meeting one-on-one with those interested and helping them to develop as individuals.

We had the privilege of hearing Janet, her son Jonathan, and a young woman named Cara Johnston, a former Kingston Navigator, speak about their experiences at our Whistler2014 leadership conference. Their stories touched the hearts of those in attendance. We sat down with Janet during the conference to find out more about what life has been like for her and her family in Angola.

In this video, Janet talks about the ministry they’ve established in Angola and the lessons she and her family have had to learn through tragedy and adversity. Powerful and compelling, this story is well worth the watch.


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