July 14, 2015

passing the batonby Chris Matthisen

List names of people you believe God may be leading you to invest in. Take time every morning during your devotions to pray that God would reveal those on your list whom He is preparing for a discipling relationship with you. Don’t rush the process, as you look to God to lead you to that person. Look for encounters with these people to see how spiritually hungry they are for growth. Look for the following characteristics in the potential disciples:

  • This person should manifest a hunger for God
  • This person should show potential for becoming a person of FAITH
  • Ideally, a person of FAITH is:

    • This person demonstrates that they are reliable and can be counted on. Theses are people of their word. They do what they say they will do.


    • This person has time or will make time in their schedule to invest in a discipling relationship. Look for people who have built margin in their lives and can “be there” when needed.


    • Look for a person who shows signs of being proactive on their world and not reactive. These people will take the initiative to do something about what they may be discontented with or what they desire to see changed. They are the people that would rather light a candle than curse the darkness.


    • Seek out a person who is willing to learn from you. This person should see you as a mentor that they can respect and who can graciously receive your input into their lives.

    Heart for God

    • Look for people who desire to know God more intimately – people who have a desire to read (the Word), pray (to God) and obey (the Bible).

Do you have peace and confirmation through prayer and observance that this is the person in whom God wants you to invest your time and energy? Then… Go for it!


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