July 14, 2015

Luciano Del Monteby Luciano Del Monte

Someone asked me recently, “Luch, do you know where you are broken?” That is what you call an intimidating and revealing question. Fortunately I have identified the broken areas of my life over the years. I recently turned 61 after all, and so am well acquainted with my inner self, but I have so many more miles to travel when it comes to what Isaiah called “the highway of holiness.”

It seems in the last 5 years pastors, mentors, disciplers, counselors and coaches are discovering that people can not fully mature without addressing the broken areas of their lives. I do believe in my experience working with people in a variety of contexts that one cannot change if one continues to tolerate issues in their life. Toleration leads to self sabotaging one’s self. And progress in Christlikeness.

The Navigators of Ontario are co-hosting a listening and inner-healing prayer conference, called Meeting God in the Broken Places. It will be held at West Highland Baptist Church in Hamilton on June 20-21, 2014. Go to the website for all the necessary details www.navigators/meetingGod

This seminar is being delivered by long time Navigator staff with wonderful character credibility as well as professional credentials as therapists to integrate these teachings into a lifestyle of biblical discipleship. I can’t think of a better way to invest a day or two in your own inner life.


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