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Beauty is Redemption

Within The Navigators' Mission Immersion Project, participants travel to Toronto for a weekend urban mission experience at Sanctuary. The purpose of this trip is to get everyone out of their local mission contexts and experience a missional community where the poor and excluded are particularly valued. Stephanie Maunder, a student at Queen's University, shares what she learned while interacting with and learning from the community members of Sanctuary.
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Searching for Isaac

Developing new Navigator leaders often requires patience and perseverance. Just ask Rusty Bean, who faithfully led many military men to Christ for 20 years before he found a man who would also become a leader and disciplemaker.

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Navigators host interfaith dialogue

In the heart of the Carleton University campus, Navigator students come together with their peers from diverse backgrounds to talk about what love means to them through the lens of their faith. Here's how Navigators at Carleton are creating a safe and respectful environment for anyone interested to discuss and engage meaningful topics.
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Training Up Disciplemakers

The role of the alongsider is crucial to the work of The Navigators. These individuals offer a fresh perspective to help ministry leaders look at what God is doing and how they can best respond to His work. This is a story of such a partnership, where an alongsider and Navigator leaders work together in Francophone Africa to train and disciple students with a missional desire to advance the gospel.
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10 Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

No doubt most of us have moments when our hearts spring up with thanks for God’s goodness. But at times we may also find ourselves in wintry spiritual seasons when our sense of gratitude freezes over. So how do we rekindle our thankfulness when this happens? Here are 10 ways to help get you started. 
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