October 15, 2014

Paul Tan is the campus leader for the Navigator student group at the University of Alberta. He has been in leadership there for the past 12 years, working to develop students into leaders who are able to help others grow deeper in their relationship with God.

Before Canada, Paul was living in Singapore, where his involvement with the Navigators first began. For secondary school, he and his twin brother attended an Anglican-run mission school. A Christian influence surrounded them there, and in their first year, his brother became a Christian.

Paul says that even though he was surrounded by Christian influence, his curiosity in learning more about the Christian message came from two of his classmates. The faith they had, he says, directed how they lived their lives. This was what drew him in to explore Christianity and eventually become a Christian.

Soon after, Paul became involved with the Singapore Navigators by way of his brother’s invitation. For the rest of the story, watch the video below:


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