HR Assistant

Ministry Location: London

Steve Boos

Ministry Information

I with the Navigators (Sept. 2013) and am gaining a better understanding of what my Human Resource Coordinator responsibilities are and will be. I expect by the new year to have greater clarity, established rhythms and forward movement...and will update this description then.

In the meantime, I will share my personal approach. There are three things that any organization must do to be viable and successful: (1) provide quality goods and services in a timely fashion, (2) prepare for the future, and (3) provide learning and satisfaction opportunities for their employees and volunteers. Experience has shown that incessant, everyday demands can cause organizations to lose sight of these latter two items. I am committed to taking employees' health and development into consideration at all times.

My quest is to establish and improve Human Resource systems, policies and practices which make lives easier. To do this effectively, I will connect continuously with our workers on the front lines to incorporate their perspectives, needs and experiences into these emerging processes.