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Ministry Location: Ottawa
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Ron Page


Fun Facts about the Pagés:

Ron spent three years in France to help start a student ministry at the University of Grenoble. The best souvenir he brought back is his wife, Kathy. He didn’t like her at first, though… and the feeling was mutual. Ask them about it. They love to tell the story!

Ron and Kathy lived and ministered in Québec for 31 years before moving to Ottawa to be closer to family.They have three adult children. As a family, they are firmly committed to teasing and cheering each other on. Their passions are wide spread:

RON loves basketball, volleyball, fishing, hiking, and renovating.

KATHY is perfecting the art of being Ron’s assistant, AKA keeping Ron sane. His kids think she is failing in this department. She's also an award-winning author.

SONIA (32) Until recently, she creates sets, costumes and makeup for theater. Now she's back in school in biology and participates in ice canoe racing.

CALEB (30) is all about basketball. He heads up a sports academy for high school students as he attempts to launch a business based on the findings of his masters degree--proving that VR can help high-level athletes improve their decision-making. 

JORDAN (24) plans to let science feed his stomach and music feed his soul. Piano, guitar, bass, ukelele, drums, voice, physics and math. He loves them all. Currently studying physics at U Ottawa. 

Ministry Information

Ron's passion for accompanying people come from experiencing firsthand the fruit of dealing with the struggles in his own life, marriage and work. He holds a Master's degree in counselling and has completed a three-year post-graduate program in marriage and family therapy. He has been in private practice as a therapist for 25 years and is also on staff with the Navigators of Canada, currently serving as a staff-care and coaching specialist. 

You can hear his 20-minute TED-style talk on Befriending Anxiety, Depression and Shame here:

For something longer, try Walking Deep: Experts Please Abstain. Many years of successes and failures have taught Ron and Kathy that walking deep with others is about:
● Connection - not perfection.
● Compassion - the value of visionary caring
● Curiosity - just being with others instead ‘fixing’ them

If you’d like to have Ron come give a workshop or conference, send him an email at his address: