Athletics Chaplain

Chief Technology Officer

Ministry Location: Halifax
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Ron Abarbanel


Ron graduated with a degree in Computer Systems Engineering from Carleton University. Having met the Navigators as a student, he decided to make a career switch shortly after graduating.

Besides his investment in university students, his passion to help others grow has taken him all over the world with international development projects in Uganda, Rwanda, Indonesia, Romania, and India. As Covid hit, his international work has been paused wihle he helps the Navigators improve their systems.

Ministry Information

Ron works as an athletic chaplain to the Saint Mary's University varsity men's hockey team. Alongside his wife Marsha (who works as the chaplain to the varsity women's hockey team) they serve the athletic department and main campus chaplaincy.

A part of Ron's time is also spent as the Navigator's Chief Technology Officer where he is responsible for revamping and maintaining all their systems.