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Ministry Location: Vancouver
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Timothy Ernst


Our family has lived in Delta and British Columbia for 24 years. My passions include spiritual formation, public speaking coaching and fitness. I enjoy playing ice hockey and my guitar (but not at the same time.)

Ministry Information

"Here's how I see Tim and his ministry in Vancouver... saboteur of the status quo, friend." – David C. Bentall, Next Step Advisors

"Few men and women work quietly but effectively in the business community, influencing people in such a way that that their lives change. This is the work Tim Ernst does in the city of Vancouver." Tarry & Kristine Giannakos, Owners, Revolver Coffee, Vancouver

"Tim is a necessary part of my life and influences how I lead my daily life whether it’s in my business dealings or personally." Robert N. Watts, Managing Partner, Rolfe Benson Chartered Accountants