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Ministry Location: Vancouver
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Brandon Yohn

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I got involved with The Navigators my first year of university when I was invited to join one of their Bible studies. At the time, I was doubting the Christian faith that I had been raised with. But through the love and patience of Navigator staff, as well as a lot of time spent in the Bible, I gained a new understanding of who Jesus is and I devoted my life to following Him. I joined the Navigators as staff after graduation and I am currently serving at my third campus, the University of British Columbia. My hope for my ministry is to introduce students to Jesus's teachings through Bible studies and intentional one-on-one conversations. I do this so they may grow to have a deep love for Jesus that will compel them to share their faith with others also. These students will graduate and move to other communities and join other groups and businesses full of people who I hope will get the opportunity to hear the Gospel of Jesus. It all starts here at the university and the effect will be felt throughout the world for generations to come!