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Amanda McIver


Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm passionate about community, friends, the outdoors, singing, landscape photography, and my husband Zach!

Ministry Information

As a Campus Mentor in Calgary, I come alongside students at the University of Calgary in their life journeys. My aim is to foster meaningful and genuine relationships with, specifically, the young women on campus, and help them develop a deeper understanding of God, abiding in Him, and to help them do the same for others -- creating "spiritual generations". In my role as a Campus Mentor, I aim to be someone who can help students experience a supportive Christian community, grow as a person, and flourish in their faith.

I partner with the team here in Calgary to disciple individuals, build a loving Christ-centred community, and empower students to share the love of Jesus with their peers. While I specifically focus on the intentional discipleship of young women on campus, the Navigator ministry at the UofC involves connecting with students from all backgrounds, one-on-one mentoring, small group Bible discussions, weekly meetings, and retreats and conferences.