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Ministry Location: Ottawa
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Kathy Berklund-Pagé


Faith stories fascinate me. People coming to faith. People leaving faith. People wondering about faith. I love hearing the stories and interacting over them as we learn and grow together. As I think about my own journey, three words come to mind: humility, humanity, creativity. Humility: Assuming there is a God—which I do—I believe that when we ultimately are face-to-face with God, we’ll all be shocked. “That’s what you’re like?! Really?! Boy, did I get that wrong!” That leaves room for a great deal of humility in our conversations around faith. Humanity: Added to that, we’re all bruised and broken in some area of our lives. ’Nuff said. Creativity: When I look at the extravagant diversity of nature, I’m left convinced that people of faith should be the most fun-filled, free, imaginative people on earth, simply because we are created in the image of a God who figured it would be fun to have over 300 kinds of bananas...To make room for mammals, fish and birds… and then mix them up with things like bats (mammals that fly) and whales (mammals that swim). I’ve been married to Ron Pagé for 30 years. Check Ron's page for fun facts about us and our kids.  I sometimes blog. You can join me here: