Community Mentor

Ministry Location: Calgary
Fund: Calgary City MinistriesDONATE
Fund: Calgary Emerging LeadersDONATE

Meaghan Wahl


Shortly after Meaghan graduated from UNB with a BA, she did an internship with the Navigators at Carleton University. This internship turned into a staff role on campus as she grew a passion for discipleship and sharing God’s love with university students. In 2013, she married David Wahl and moved back to her hometown of Calgary. While in Calgary she took on the role of Calgary City Leader for the Navigators and still currently holds that position. In her current stage of life as a mom to two young boys, Meaghan is learning how to disciple and come alongside other moms to grow in their love and commitment to Jesus. She loves opening the scriptures and her home to people. She is growing in her understanding of how to apply the Navigator calling and vision in each new stage of life with the people she rubs shoulders with on a daily/weekly basis.