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Irv Augustine

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We had the privilege of being Nav missionaries in Latin America from 1987 to 2000 and began the millennium back here in Canada. Before that we were involved in ministry in Guelph, Vancouver and Windsor. We are passionate about people becoming ‘belongers’ in their culture and country, and also where they live, work, play and have their being. The message translation of the Bible talks about Jesus ‘moving into the neighbourhood’ and we love the idea of the incarnating, or ‘en-fleshing’ the Gospel wherever we go!

Laura and I work closely together connecting with our overseas staff, providing care, coaching and encouragement and receiving it right back from them. Also we seek to provide solid opportunities for people to invest their talents into their contexts locally as well as overseas.

If you suspect I could ignite your missions interest with encouragement and possibly some sort of concrete engagement, locally, within Canada and across the world, please let me know!

I also have interest in seeing marriages thrive, families with differently-enabled children blossom, and relationships prosper and flourish. Laura and I love camping, hiking, travel and scrabble.