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Don Corry


I have been married to Lynette for 42 years. We do much life and ministry together. Our three children are married to marvelous spouses. All are involved in their local church ministries. We currently have seven grandchildren.

I also have a role coaching the goalkeepers on the Redeemer University women's soccer team. Some ministry opportunities emerge through this athletic opportunity.

Ministry Information

Navigators invest personal time, one to one, with individuals and small groups, influencing people to follow Christ, establish new believers in their faith and train them to do the same.

This was reflected in my own story. After being a Christian for two years I needed someone to disciple me. In my third year at RMC, I joined a Navigator Bible study meeting every Wednesday night. Navstaff Tom Taylor began to meet with me weekly and helped to build the basics into my life: learning how to pray, to read the Bible, to memorize verses and to share my faith. I saw the gap narrow between talking and living. I could see myself growing.

After graduation I spent six years at UWO learning how to lead a disciplemaking ministry and in 1983, my wife, Lynette and I came to Hamilton to help to lead the campus work at McMaster. I have been here ever since, investing in young adults. In the last 40 years I have had several responsibilities, including leading our campus work in Ontario, developing a one-year leadership program, and working on many national projects. We have seen several young leaders join our staff and continue the ministry elsewhere. My deepest desire is to equip the next generation of leaders.

My passion is to leave my fingerprints on the godly hearts of young reproducing leaders.

Currently I am mentoring young adults, some who are still students while others who have begun their careers. These emerging adults face many key decisions in life and it is a privilege to be faithfully present in their lives. I believe that I am a Barnabas, who primarily goes long and deep into people's lives.

We will accomplish our Navigator calling by investing in clusters of young people who will become labourers, reproducing their lives in others.