Tim Ernst

Timothy Ernst

Western Field Director
Marketplace Mentor

Ministry Locale: Vancouver

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Ministry Information:

A universal need in our world is to know you are not alone. my role is to help a person experience God's presence and discover that God is with them and for them and not against them. My currencies are offering acceptance, perspective and the ancient wisdom of the Bible. I attempt to help my client face their life with realism and hope. 'What's really going on?' And move from problem analysis to problem solving, handling conflict and embracing change. What is the lesson here? What will you do? You are not alone in this. Here are a couple of options you might consider.' 

To this end I am variously a friend, a pastor, a small group leader, a DISC and Birkman consultant and public speaker. Most of my attention is towards business leaders and owners in the Metro Vancouver marketplace.

"Here's how I see Tim and his ministry in Vancouver...  saboteur of the status quo, friend." – David C. Bentall, Next Step Advisors

"Few men and women work quietly but effectively in the business community, influencing people in such a way that that their lives change. This is the work Tim Ernst does in the city of Vancouver." Tarry & Kristine Giannakos, Owners, Café Crema, Revolver, Vancouver

"Tim is a necessary part of my life and influences how I lead my daily life whether it’s in my business dealings or personally." Robert N. Watts, Managing Partner, Rolfe Benson Chartered Accountants

Personal Information:

Our family has lived in Delta and British Columbia for over 20 years. My passions include spiritual formation, public speaking coaching and fitness. I enjoy playing ice hockey and my guitar (but not at the same time.)