Ron and Kathy Pagé/Berklund

Ron Pagé

Community Mentor
Staff Care Specialist

Fun Facts about the Pagés:

Ron spent three years in France to help start a student ministry at the University of Grenoble. The best souvenir he brought back is his wife, Kathy. He didn’t like her at first, though… and the feeling was mutual. Ask them about it. They love to tell the story!

Ron and Kathy have been living in La Belle Province for 31 years.They have three children, one still at home. As a family, they are firmly committed to teasing and cheering each other on. Their passions are wide spread:


RON loves basketball, fishing and renovating (Good thing because they purchased a fixer upper when they moved to Montreal eight years ago).


KATHY is perfecting the art of being Ron’s  assistant, AKA keeping Ron sane. His kids think she is failing in this department. She's also an aspiring writer. Read more about her here.


SONIA (27) creates sets, costumes and makeup for theater. Side passions include Rockabilly Jive and building puppets.


CALEB (25) is all about basketball. He coaches university players and is researching decision-making in high-level athletes.  


JORDAN (19) plans to let science feed his stomach and music feed his soul. Piano, guitar, bass, ukelele, drums, voice, physics and math. He loves them all.