Rich Wilton

Rich Wilton

Ministry Locale: London



Ministry Information:

The current generation of university students have never known a time when the Internet did not affect their daily lives. The way people communicate, the way people work, the way people find information and the way people entertain themselves is greatly influenced by the Internet. Since we desire to serve people, it's important for us to make wise use of current technology and especially the Internet.

My role is to help Canadian Navigator staff to have the use of current technology without having to figure out how it all works. Navigator staff want to connect with people and no matter what their context the Internet can be a great help in making their ministry more extensive and more effective.

Personal Information:

I serve on the National Office team — from a distance. I work remotely most days from my home office in Waterloo, ON. My wife Cheryl is a retired school teacher. Together we have four adult children - all currently living in Waterloo. We greatly enjoy our four grandchildren who live across the street, and 3 houses down the street.