Rasem Moree

Rasem Moree

Community Mentor
Ministry Locale: Edmonton


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Personal Information:

My Biography                                                                              

I was born into a Christian family in Syria, but I had my personal encounter with Jesus when I was 28 years old. My wife, Naheda, was also born in Syria into a Christian family. We were married in 1993 and both of us had the vision to serve among the lost, especially Muslims. After having two children, Angel 27 years old and Tony 20 years old.

 We had a calling from God to leave Syria and serve him in Lebanon for 15 years. While in Lebanon, I studied in Arab Baptist Theological Seminary and graduated with Bachelors of Theology degree.

 In 2006 we joined the worldwide Navigators family and focused on Bible studies and evangelism. When war broke out in Syria and Canada opened its doors, we took the opportunity to come to Canada in February 2016.

God's calling still remains the same here in Canada as we serve him among the lost in the city of Edmonton.

Our focus:

Our focus has been evangelism and discipleship since we started ministry in Lebanon and this focus has been reinforced when we joined the Navigators.

This was Jesus' command to make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20). We believe that evangelism leads to discipleship (John 3:16-17).

 When we arrived in Edmonton in 2016, God led us to minister among Middle Easterners and Arabic speakers.

Today in 2021:

Today in 2021, we have three discipleship groups meeting weekly on Zoom. Some of them have also started to reach out to others according to the instruction given to us in 2 Timothy 2:2.

 Our vision:

Our vision is to establish many more discipleship groups in Edmonton and its suburbs, especially among the youth, who will then take the Gospel among the various nations here in Edmonton.

Rasem and Naheda Moree.

Donations: www.navigators.ca/moree

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