Dan and Sue McIver

Dan McIver

Missions Director
Kingston City Leader

Ministry Locale: Kingston


Ministry Information:

In 1994 I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies and a minor in Social Development. I married my lovely wife Sue and moved to Kingston to join her as a Queen's Campus Ministry Leader. Since then, I have had plenty of experience working for Navigator's in various ministry capacities which have led me to take on my current roles as the Kingston Ministry Leader, Queen's University Hockey Chaplain, and Missions Director for the Navigators of Canada.

Past roles include: Eastern Ontario Team Leader, City Coach for Calgary & Edmonton, National Intern Development Coordinator, and National Leadership Team member.


Personal Information:

Our family is all grown up now.  At time of writing our three boys are doing the following:

Zach - Getting Married May 16 2020, Navigator Staff at the University of Calgary

Cam - Second year of Television and Film program at Sheridan College, Oakville

Ryan - Working at Starbucks in Kingston. Enrolled at Algonquin college in Music starting Sept. 2020

Zachary (21) is passionate about Parkour. Parkour is the utlimate in physical movement activity. Many people would call it dangerous. Zach sees it as perfectly safe if you train right for it and approach your limits with a healthy respect in addition to challenging them. 

Cameron (19) has his grade 8 piano , loves movies and music concerts, and working at Score Pizza in Kingston

Ryan (19) has grade 8 piano and has been acting in several musical productions in Kingston and at MacMaster.

With the boys leaving home Sue has tried a few different work paths at a private school, house painting, and now has settled into full time work at Trek Bycicle Kinston doing both sales and service. I think that is more than a few people's dream job out there. And Dan gets to try cool bikes!! Both Sue and I enjoy staying fit, healthy, and strong, and it continues to be a restorative and essential part of our lives. 

For all of us balancing our busy lives with time to restore and be together is the challenge and is a constantly shifting target especially as the boys take flight... okay, maybe it is a little easier for Sue and I to take some time to restore! We continue to discover what it means to love each other, our community, and our God well!