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We post retreats, conferences, outreach activities and mission trips that are happening across Canada. They are a great way to get involved and meet others with similar passions.

Winter Retreat

Rejoice & Be Glad: Reaping a Fruitful Ministry with God

We know we’re supposed to share our faith, but there’s always a reason that we aren’t. Maybe we’re too busy or we fear being awkward. But none of our circumstances compare to the apostles who would be persecuted for sharing their faith. And yet, even when they were flogged, they “rejoiced because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for Christ!” (Acts 5:40)! That kind of joy can only come through strengthened confidence in our faith. We want to help you develop that kind of resilience! So join us at Rejoice and Be Glad on January 14-16 at Timberline Ranch where we will share about your role as a worker in the Lord’s harvest field and equip you with tools that will help you reap a fruitful ministry!

Date: January 14-16, 2022
Time: start on Friday 7:30PM
Cost: $140
Location: 22351 – 144th Ave Maple Ridge, BC
Venue: Timberline Ranch
Contact: Richie Speidel (richies@navigators.ca), Brandon Yohn (brandony@navigators.ca)

Facebook event page: facebook.com/events/204646455186034/?ti=ls.
Future events: find information at https://www.facebook.com/UBCNavigators.

Discipleship Lab

Friends. Walking. Together.
January 18, 2022

Walking Simply: Discipleship for Busy People

Tuesday, Tuesday January 18 | 5:30 – 6:30 PM PT / 8:30 – 9:30 PM ET
You want to help a friend grow in their faith. But you’re hesitant because you think you’re too busy. Or unsure of how to proceed…

Inspiration and Practical Help is on the way!

Jesus’ style of discipleship is elegant in its simplicity. It is an art-form that is accessible to everyday Christians! In our next D-Lab, author Bill Mowry will discuss his latest book Walk with Me on Zoom. He will introduce you to the ancient, yet do-able, practices Jesus modelled for us to employ as we join Him. There will be a Q&A to follow.

Yes, I want to ignite my ministry!

Special Guest: Darci Kovac

Darci is a busy mother of three teenagers and yet finds creative ways to walk with people in natural, real-life situations. Darci will spur us to think about our approach to inviting someone (including our children) into an intentional discipleship relationship with us. Darci and her family live in Hamilton Ontario.

This event will be recorded and a link to the event will be sent to all registered participants. Even if you can’t attend the live session, make sure to register to receive the follow-up content and recording.

Yes, I want to ignite my ministry!

The goal of the Discipleship Lab sessions is to be a forum of inspiration and practical help to everyday Christians – like you! – who hear Christ’s call to cultivate disciples of Jesus wherever they live and work.

Future D-Lab Sessions
We walk Slow – Feb 15, 2022
We walk Deep – March 15, 2022
We walk on Mission – April 19, 2022
We walk with Joy – May 17, 2022

Church Disciplemaking Forum

Navigator Church Disciplemaking Forum

Schedule: 2nd Wednesday of each month
Date: Introductory session was Wednesday, October 13, 2021
Time: 11:00AM – 12:00 noon ET | 8:00AM – 9:00AM PT — Time Zone Converter

Simple Principles For Everday Disciplemaking

We realize that curriculums and programs are helpful but they sometimes complicate and professionalize disciplemaking for the everyday Christian. We are launching a new Forum series based on Bill Mowry’s book – Walk With Me. Bill Mowry addresses how we can make disciples without enlarging church budgets, hiring more staff or organizing more programs.

We are excited to go deeper with you in this series as we bring in elements to our format to more fully engage your context as church pastors and leaders. Our monthly themes will include these principles: heart-to-heart ways, simple approaches, go slow, go deep, and to be on mission.

When we meet (2nd Wednesday’s of each month) we want to have conversations that impact your ministry of making disciples, so we are asking you to commit to reading the book – Walk with Me (one chapter per month) prior to our Forum. If you commit to joining us – we will provide the book itself for FREE* if you don’t already have a copy.

You will be placed with other pastors or church leaders in a cohort led by one of our Navigator team. There you will have the opportunity to ask questions, share your own experiences and learn from each other as we consider how each of these principles are played out in our churches and our lives.

You can register in two ways:

  1. Email churchpartnering@navigators.ca
  2. Register by ordering the book. You cover the mailing – we provide the book for free. Use this link: https://navresources.ca/product_details.php?item_id=5789

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