Bill Mowry – A Disciple Making Culture

Leadership Luncheon

“Moving beyond disciple making programs to a disciple making culture”

Friday October 4, 2019
11:45 am – 1:30 pm
Bilberry Creek Baptist Church
480 Charlemagne Blvd., Orleans,  ON
Cost: $10
Register deadline: Tuesday October 1
PHONE: 1-800-839-4769

Taking disciple-making from the margins of your church into the mainstream

“Go and make disciples” – Many pastors and church leaders today know about the importance of disciple making. Unfortunately, we often search for the right program or sponsor another campaign or event to emphasize disciple making in our churches. What’s missing is the development of a disciple making culture. How do you move disciplemaking from a ministry of the few to the heart of a church’s culture and into the community? Bill Mowry of The Navigators Church Ministry (Author of The Ways of the Alongsider) understands this great challenge. He will share how you can lead your church in growing that culture.

Bill Mowry

Bill Mowry
Bill Mowry


We’re all motivated by a vision or passion. Bill’s passion is to help everyday Christians engage in the world’s greatest enterprise, The Great Commission of making disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). His aim is to de-professionalize and unclutter this command to make disciples and return it to Jesus’ intentional example of relational ministry. Bill dreams of thousands of alongsiders released to creatively and intentionally advance the gospel and make disciples in relational ways &helip; one conversation and one life at a time.

Bill is a veteran staff member with The Navigators Church Ministries and brings over forty years of experience in disciplining people in a variety of life contexts. He has an MA in adult education from The Ohio State University and is a published author in leadership, evangelism, and discipleship (Ways of the Alongsider, Navpress). Bill is a certified Life and Ministry Coach, coaching pastors and leaders across the U.S. and overseas. He provides leadership to a growing staff team in a four-state region. Bill has brought the alongsider training to churches across the U.S. and Canada plus Honduras, Bulgaria, and Singapore. Bill and his wife Peggy live in Columbus, Ohio.

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