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Disciple! Collingwood was a success! If you missed out, don’t despair. Below are the recordings and supplemental materials from that day.

3 Mountains of Spiritual Influence
by Luch Del Monte – presentation length: 20:56

In the first talk of the day, Luch Del Monte shared his thinking on what it looks like to come alongside others, using the illustration of three mountains. He encouraged everyone to consider which mountain they are currently on and what their next steps may be.

Download Powerpoint [PDF]

Devotions to Devotion
by Pete Kuehni – presentation length: 18:18

Pete’s talk centred around how we can transition from doing devotions to becoming more intimate and devoted to Christ. By moving from our own efforts to relying on the efforts of Christ, it will spring forth from us and spill over to the lives of those around us.

Download Powerpoint [PDF]
Download Devotional [PDF]

Sharing your Story
by Cathy Kuehni – presentation length: 20:20

Drawing from her own experiences, Cathy spoke on the importance of your story and how sharing it with others is helpful not only for them, but also for you. She used the example of Paul’s testimony to King Agrippa in Acts 26 to help hone what your story is.

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Download Devotional [PDF]

3 Roles in Disciple Making
by Kimberly Matthisen – presentation length: 27:41

Focusing on the roles of God, the alongsider and the disciple, Kimberly talked about what areas are covered by each in the realm of discipleship, using examples from her own experiences to illustrate.

Download Powerpoint [PDF]
Download Bible Study [PDF]
Download Application Questions [PDF]

Christ in the Workplace
by Jeff Russo – presentation length: 22:46

Jeff Russo’s talk revolved around the question, “Is Jesus in the workplace?” and if so, how can we find him. Utilizing his entrepreneurial experiences as a hot dog vendor and fitness consultant, he discussed how he has found Jesus at work and offered advice on how others can too.

Download Powerpoint [PDF]
Download Application Questions [PDF]

Real stories of Coming Alongside
Panel Facilitated by Ron Ferwerda – 51.28

Five individuals who have personally experienced the power of discipleship discuss how it affected them and the lessons they learned as a result of having another come alongside them.

No Audio

Going the Distance
by Pete Kuehni

As the final talk of the conference, Pete talked about how you can apply what you learned at the conference to your life in such a way that won’t burn you out. He went through five areas, that if addressed and acted on, can enable you to continue pouring into the lives of others for years to come.

Download Powerpoint [PDF]

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