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Dan McIver

Dan McIver

City Leader -Kingston

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After attending the University of Waterloo, majoring in Recreation and Leisure Studies with a minor in Social Development studies (1989-1994), I married my lovely wife Sue, and we moved to Kingston, ON to join Navigator Staff.

In the past 23 years on staff I have had many different roles and responsibilities, all of which despite the ups and downs have been a joyful expression of what God has given me to do. These include: Queen's Campus Director, Eastern Ontario Team Leader, National Leadership Team member. Currently I am the Kingston ministry director, Queen's hockey chaplain, city coach for Calgary and Edmonton. 

Our family is very active! With four males in the house Sue is very outnumbered. We have compensated for this by always having a female boarder in our house. Sue loves training for Ironmans, smaller tiathlons, and longer runs. Most people would find this exhausting, Sue finds it restorative!

Zachary (19) is passionate about Parkour. Parkour is the utlimate in physical movement activity. Many people would call it dangerous. Zach sees it as perfectly safe if you train right for it and approach your limits with a healthy respect in addition to challenging them. Zachary is entering his second year in the Fitness and Health Promotion program at St. Lawrence College.

Cameron (17) has completed the grade 8 piano exam, works at Score Pizza in Kingston, and has taken up pole vault at school. He loves reading, music, and movies.

Ryan (17) has complete the grade 8 piano exam and has become quite a good indoor rock climber and loves everything outdoors as well.

Staying fit, healthy, and strong, continues to be a restorative and essential part of my life. All work and no play makes me not a good husband and father.

For all of us balancing our busy lives with time to restore and be together is the challenge and is a constantly shifting target. We continue to discover what it means to love each other, our community, and our God well!