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The Navigators of Canada Board of Directors serves to give direction to the accomplishment of our Calling (mission) as well as protect the organization from unnecessary risk. They ensure the financial and legal health, monitoring our compliance with all regulatory requirements of the CRA and other governing bodies. The Board also plays a key role in the choice of the National Director, who receives a five year mandate to lead, and conducts an annual review to assess the accomplishment of our mission.

The Board of Directors is made up of individuals from across the country, all of whom are deeply committed to the calling and ministry of The Navigators and willingly invest their time, wisdom and finances in the movement of our mission across our nation and around the world. Along with two business meetings, there is another meeting with key staff leadership enabling Board and Staff to share in our vision and learn together. Terms are 3 years, renewable.

Board Members: 2017

Martin Brown (Chair), VP Americas - Management Systems Lloyd's Register
James Bruyn (Vice Chair), IT Consultant CP Rail
Kevin Abarbanel (Treasurer), CEO Ebb & Flow Trading
Dr. Sheila Harding, Dept of Pathology, College of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan

Alan Ch'ng, International Vice President of The Navigators
Douglas Fast, CEO Dark Water Tek
Marcel Lebrun, self employed
Jevin Maltais, Tandem Launch
Nancy Ralph, Lawyer (retired)