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Navigator Ministries

Cross Cultural Ministry


God's love crosses borders, languages and cultures. This love can be shown in many ways - sometimes by going to another country to serve, or through meeting with those who have come to Canada to study and work. Sometimes it means building an orphanage, teaching English as a second language, serving children in a community or studying the message of Jesus with others in their own language. The variety of expressions are boundless. Navigators work and serve in many capacities around the globe, seeking to express and invite others to experience God's love in Christ.

Campus Ministry


Post-secondary students have big questions and face big decisions. These are the years when students solidify their identity, relationships, values and beliefs. Being such formative years, we don't want students to have to navigate these years alone. Navigator staff are committed to walking alongside undergraduate and graduate students as they figure out life at school and beyond. Each school year Navigators on campuses across Canada provide activities and places for students to begin building healthy friendships, have access to one on one mentoring, attend Small group Bible studies, events, retreats, and engage in community volunteer opportunities. Our campus groups are places where all students can safely explore questions of faith and discover what it means to follow Jesus.

Community Ministry


Men and women in communities across Canada are being helped in their walk with God, through meeting one on one with Navigator coaches and mentors. There are several facets to this, including church discipleship, neighbourhood and business studies, recovery groups and marketplace coaching. Navigators are also involved in helping economically disadvantaged elementary school children by partnering with Kidsfest's Running and Reading Clubs.