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10 Ways to Cultivate a Thankful Heart

No doubt most of us have moments when our hearts spring up with thanks for God’s goodness. But at times we may also find ourselves in wintry spiritual seasons when our sense of gratitude freezes over. So how do we rekindle our thankfulness when this happens? Here are 10 ways to help get you started. 
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Twenty Transformative Minutes - Base Camp East 2017

Last spring, I attended The Navigators’ Base Camp training program at the beautiful Snider Mountain Ranch in New Brunswick. I had an amazing time filled with so many great memories! One in particular stands out: a 20 minute worship set where I experienced the power of the Holy Spirit.
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Redeeming Discipleship

Peter Reynolds* grew up in the church, surrounded by expectations of becoming a leader. These expectations, and not knowing what God wanted from him, provoked feelings of anxiety. He retreated, wanting nothing to do with the church system he had grown up in. But with the help of a Navigator discipler, Peter began to reconnect with Jesus, and in the process, discovered what authentic discipleship looks like.
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How God meets us in our mental health journeys

Ron Pagé describes his mental health journey and the struggles he has had with abuse, depression and anxiety. He tells us how he met God in the midst of the pain and turmoil and how he came to see anxiety as a friend. His approach of listening to the words of people's suffering soul also has implications for the way we disciple and come alongside people going through a mental health journey or struggle.
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Getting out of the student bubble

Students go to university and college to study for a degree they can use to build their career and future life on. In the midst of this, Navigators invite students to step outside the "campus bubble" of assignments, classes and activities
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