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Hope in the City: an encounter

Date: Feb.23 – 25
Time: starts Friday evening
Location: 25 Charles St. E, Toronto
Venue: Sanctuary
Context: The Mission Immersion Project

Contact: Sam Allison - email: sama@navigators.ca

I love cities: their energy, never ending action, constant opportunity, hustle, adventure, variety, diversity...!

Our world possesses many amazing cites with each possessing a magnetic appeal. People the world over flock to the city in massive numbers in search of a better life. Some achieve their highest hopes, many, unfortunately, fall far short.

Toronto is one of these world class cities.

Hidden away in a tiny insignificant corner of Toronto is a down-to-earth and unpretentious group of people dedicated to living out the ways of Jesus. They refer to their community as ‘Sanctuary’ and together they meet, serve, mourn, reach out and celebrate. They understand the cost of compassion as they set out to ensure that the weakest and most vulnerable of their world always have a home; a safe and caring place.

This February our Sanctuary friends will open up their world to us — we enter to listen, discover, discuss and engage. This is our invitation to participate in a truly unique experience.

The Mission Immersion Project team will set out to:

  • Discover what it takes to see how the gospel makes a difference
  • Observe how followers of Jesus engage in the difficult and troubled areas of a city?
  • Encounter what is involved in promoting compassion and justice?
  • Learn to embrace our role in changing the world.


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