DISCIPLE! Febuary 9 Conference Audiocast

Did you miss the last conference? Don’t despair! Here you can catch up on the workshops presented at the February 9th Disciple conference at North Park Community Church in London Ontario. We hope they encourage you to grow in your Discipleship with others. Disciple! Conference Opening Session with Irv Augustine Marriage Presented by Irv and Laura Augustine   Download¬†– 48:54s Your marriage relationship needs to be healthy (not perfect) in order for you to thrive in every aspect of your life. Learn how to fix what is broken and how your marriage can thrive into the future. Addictions – where… Read moreDISCIPLE! Febuary 9 Conference Audiocast

Solitude – Re-charging our time with God

by Rosetta Del Monte Henri Nowen in The Way of the Heart says without silence the spirit cannot grow. “Solitude is difficult for many people, because they don’t know what to do in the solitude. Most of us are used to being very busy and prductive but in solitude we seem to do nothing. For those who have used productivity as the basis for their self-worth this becomes a drastic if not radical departure from their way of living. But in solitutde we are not completely alone, Christ is with us, and we are deepening our relationship with him. We… Read moreSolitude – Re-charging our time with God

Start with Good Listening

by Luciano Del Monte Years ago I read a book by Christian Swiss Psychiatrist Paul Tournier called To Understand Each Other. The whole book is powerful although only 63 pages in length. It has amazing insights that make us more effective and empathetic people builders. The big idea in the book for me was one I have been training myself to apply for the last 30 years. I have made some progress but I know I still have a long way to go. Dr Tournier writes, “It’s impossible to overemphasize the immense need humans have to be really listened to,… Read moreStart with Good Listening

Disciple from the Inside Out!

On February 9, we will be hosting the 2nd Disciple Conference in London, ON. Did you miss the last conference? Don’t despair! The following video will get you up to speed on the content of the last Conference. This video is of the first main session from the Disciple! Adventure of Discipling Others Conference presented November 3, 2012 in Kitchener, ON. Luciano and Rosetta Del Monte are on staff with The Navigators of Canada. In this session they present: Discipling Like Jesus – Lessons from John 17 Three Pillars of Discipling – Solitude, Community & Ministry A personal story of… Read moreDisciple from the Inside Out!

Welcome to the Adventure of Discipling Others Blog!

Thank you for allowing us to accompany you on your Adventure in Discipling Others journey! Our Navigator team were thrilled that you decided to invest a full day last month to discover and learn together. We hope this monthly blog will be a source of encouragement. We hope you have pressed into your “action step” from the November 3 Disciple! conference. If you haven’t moved ahead on that action step – don’t despair. Go back to your notes and action step and resolve today that with God’s strength and power you will step out in faith and obedience. As we… Read moreWelcome to the Adventure of Discipling Others Blog!