Who are these people anyway?

Sorry, we're not a sailing club!

We're a group of students committed to exploring and discovering life through faith. We are trying to make sense of Jesus and his message and to apply Jesus' teaching to everyday life. We provide a place where people can invest their time in other people and seek to build genuine community within the university context.

Our regular events include weekly discussion groups, large group gatherings and annual retreats, conferences and volunteer opportunities. We seek to engage the campus in grappling with important questions of life and faith.

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Who are The Navigators?
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Kyle Dick

Class of 2019, Carleton Biomedical Electrical Engineering

The Navigators have been my home away from home. For the past two years they have provided the support I needed to get through the occasionally torturous waters of univertsity life. I was impacted by my community group and one-on-one support from staff and others in a men's bible study. The Navigators gave me a means to relate with other like-minded followers and express myself in healthy ways resulting in deeper friendships, higher self-esteem, and confidence in Christ. If you are looking to develop a quality campus support system, look no further than the Navigators. 


Emma Walker

Class of 2016, Carleton Law


Ever since attending a retreat in my first year at Carleton, I have felt at home in the Navigator community. Navs has taken many forms in my life over the years: bible studies, community outreach, dinners and discussions, meaningful conversations over coffee, even dance parties at a retreat! All of these interactions have challenged me to understand what it means to be a part of an authentic community. And the people I've met have truly spurred me on in my walk with Christ. Navs has been more than just a club for me!


Emma Barrett

Class of 2019, Ottawa U Nursing


Navs has had a significant impact on my life. Ever since I was 7 years old, when my dad started working for the organization, I have been able to observe and experience the safe community that is the Navigators. I see it as a place where people can come together and encourage each other in life, and to grow in understanding Jesus and how to live life for Him. Navs has really shaped my faith and shown me how important community is and what real community can look like. I feel very fortunate to be a part of Navs.

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