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Who We Are

What We Believe

Is your desire to find direction for your life? Do you want to live life well, full of meaning and purpose, helping others and making a positive difference? When we don't have this hopeful direction, we can start to feel like a little boat on a vast ocean. So where do we start?

We start by finding a safe community we can travel with on this journey called life. The Navigators of Canada are one such community.

We are a movement at work all over the world, made up of dedicated individuals who are walking alongside people from all spheres of life. Whether it's in schools, places of work or personal life, the Navigators of Canada strive to follow Jesus' example by loving people in tangible ways and teaching them to go and do likewise.

We connect with those more experienced than ourselves who can mentor and teach us how to grow and mature into the people we are meant to become. Our vision is to see cities across the world transformed into places of peace, hope and love. For example, on university campuses, students who are living in a new city, on their own for the first time, or looking for a place to plug in can connect with a diverse group of students to ask tough questions and express their thoughts on issues of faith and life.

In the workplace, Navigators work with professionals in all kinds of careers, mentoring and demonstrating what it looks like to be a person of character and integrity. In doing this, our goal is to mold individuals into leaders with a desire to positively influence those in the communities they live in.

The work of building healthy communities has put the Navigators of Canada into contact with people from all over the world and every walk of life. We're "next door to everywhere." The people who have been part of our ministries have gone out and continue to build community wherever they are, reaching out to their friends, family and co-workers through tangible expressions of love.

Our mission is to provide safe harbour for all who would seek out their purpose in life and ask hard questions with like-minded people. Our desire is to love and guide those we meet as they mature, so that, when they find themselves back in open waters, they can pass what they have learned and experienced on to others.

Purposeful lives. Loving community. Generational influence.

This is who the Navigators of Canada are.