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Join a Campus Bible study!

Here's the list of Fall 2018 Bible study times:


1. Mondays 12-1pm SU Club's Space Workroom #3 Topic: Book of Hebrews

This oft neglected book of the New Testament was written by someone (no one knows who for sure) with a strong intellect - and a firm grasp of God's intent that only Jesus is to hold the primary place in our lives. WARNING: There are strong encouragements and challenges in this book.

Facilitators: Nathan <> and Julia <>

2. Tuesdays 2-3pm SU Club's Space Workroom #3 Topic: Book of Proverbs

Character is who you are when no one's looking. The book of Proverbs delves into character growth using Tweet-like gems that are remarkably applicable to today's world. Money. Relationships. Success. Hard work. Anger. Self-control. Solomon doesn't pull any punches as he gives practical advice on these topics. Who knows - some day you might be glad you paid attention. 

Facilitator: Rick <>

3. Wednesdays 12-1pm Vitruvian Centre (basement of Rez Dining Centre) Topic: Discipleship Topics

What is discipleship? Where are you going in life? What really motivates you? Are you serious about following Him? These questions and others will be discussed in topical studies.

Facilitator: Ron <>

4. Fridays 12-1pm SU Club's Space Workroom  Topic: Books of Ecclesiastes

Meaningless, meaningless, everything is utterly meaningless! Investigate some of life's greatest frustrations and mysteries with help from the Teacher.  This book, often considered depressing, may surprise you with it's poignant wisdom and ideas on how to find true enjoyment in the face of a seemingly meaningless and chaotic world.  

Facilitator: Zach <>


Wait - don't see a time that fits your hectic schedule? Email us <> and we'll try to accommodate you!


Volunteer Opportunities

Experience personal enrichment through community service.

Reading and Running

We volunteer at a local fitness and literacy program called Reading and Running Clubson a weekly basis, mentoring kids in elementary schools in Bowness, Forest Lawn, and Erin Woods. This highly developed program includes reading skills and fitness development through running, games and circuits. This is a great opportunity to work with inner city grade 1-6 kids with a goal of running a 5 km race in late May. We could use some help with volunteers, so if you are interested let us know!

Contact Janelle (JANELLEA@NAVIGATORS.CA) for more details


Upcoming Events

Get the details on events happening soon:

event All the best on final exams!

Thursday December 20, 2018
event Vision and Training for Mission Wk
Important vision & training session for the upcoming Mission Wk. Free pizza provided
Friday January 11, 2019 – 4:00-5:30pm
Contact: Rick
event Relevant Series 2019 Campus Mission
The Resurrection of Jesus: Hoax or History? This and other exciting lectures by RZIM all week on campus. More details to come..
Monday January 21, 2019
event Winter retreat at Castle Mountain
Join us at this remote hostel in Banff National Park!
Friday February 1, 2019
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