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Join a Campus Bible study!

Here's the list of Winter 2019 Bible study times:

  1. Tuesdays 11am-12pm SU Club's Space Workroom #6 Topic: Book of 1 John The parallelisms in the fascinating book of 1 John are striking for their simplicity: Christ vs. antichrists, light vs. darkness, truth vs. falsehood, righteousness vs. sin, love of the Father vs. love of the world, and the Spirit of God vs. the spirit of the Antichrist. And the advice on personal Christian growth is powerful. Come join us! Facilitator: 


Volunteer Opportunities

Experience personal enrichment through community service.

Reading and Running

We volunteer at a local fitness and literacy program called Reading and Running Clubson a weekly basis, mentoring kids in elementary schools in Bowness, Forest Lawn, and Erin Woods. This highly developed program includes reading skills and fitness development through running, games and circuits. This is a great opportunity to work with inner city grade 1-6 kids with a goal of running a 5 km race in late May. We could use some help with volunteers, so if you are interested let us know!

Contact Janelle (JANELLEA@NAVIGATORS.CA) for more details


Upcoming Events

Get the details on events happening soon:

event Campus Bible study tonight
Join us tonight as our summer series continues.
Monday August 26, 2019 – 7:30-9pm
the NavHouse 2930 Unwin Rd NW
Contact: Zach
event First Navs meeting of the Fall term
Drop by for the dinner meeting (only $5) - hear about upcoming Navstuff!
Friday September 6, 2019 – 5:30-7:30pm
The NavHouse 2930 Unwin Rd NW
Contact: Zach
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