Just who are these guys?

Starting Friday, Sept 12th join us on Friday nights 5:30-7:30pm at 2930 Unwin Road NW - supper for $5.

Our ministry focus flows out of Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20 where he commands us to "make disciples of all nations". 

We also want to provide a place here at UofC where people hang out with people and seek to build genuine Christ-centered community. Our regular events include a weekly discussion dinner, small group Bible studies, community service events, retreats and conferences.
You can find our student events in our house just off campus at 2930 Unwin Road NW.
Just use the map to the left to find your way.
Meet the team

Who are The Navigators?
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Life Beyond the Classroom


More Than Just Stuff.

What is it?

What does "life beyond the classroom" mean?

It's more than just a pithy slogan, it's a way of life.

It means leaving behind just consuming God's word and allowing it to permeate our lives and move us into participating in it. The Christian life is a life beyond just theory, it is a life lived in practice.


Christ the Centre

Reach, Restore, Reproduce

In the realm of life on life, in living as the children of God in our area of influence, we live beyond our comfort, beyond our academic Christianity, beyond ourselves. That's why our postcard lists all the things you can do here at the UofC! In order to love and bless your university, you need to get to know it first! 

This is the Gospel of Go! We leave, centred on Christ, and engage in a world that needs to know him!
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