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Who are The Navigators?
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Mikaela Russell


Mikaela is going on to her fourth year with the Navs and studies Psychology and French. Starting first year she knew she wanted to join a Christian club at UBC as the Christian community had played such a large role her entire life both living in Austria and Canada before attending university. She was able to connect quickly to the Navs on a personal level during the Bible study she attended and the retreats and community nights provided for an amazing way to get to know people even several years ahead in various degrees. Mikaela loves meeting people of different years and walks of faith, whether local or international students, and the Navs provide a great platform for that. She loves making friends, never says no to a dance party, and enjoys a good dose of healthy competition. If you’re seeking a community to learn more or grow closer to Christ while building friendships, come check out the Navs!


Abby White

International Navigators Representative

After growing up in a tight-knit Christian school in Indonesia, my biggest concerns about moving to Canada and attending UBC were related to faith and community. I'm so thankful that these concerns led me to connect with the Navigators. From my very first weekend retreat with this crew, I was overwhelmed by how quickly a group of strangers became my home. Over my first year at UBC, I joined bible studies, games nights, girl's nights, one-on-one mentoring, retreats and camping trips, and even (reluctantly) an intramural sports team with the Navs. I also got to help lead our International Fellowship and join the Exec Team. In this community, I have found authenticity, friendship, and a strong biblical foundation. But my favourite tribute to the Navigators is that my friends from different faiths and backgrounds love this community, too. This year, I am excited to be the International Rep, as I get to witness students from all around the world discover Christ together as one family.



Zeki Tang


I was a 2nd year transfer student majoring in History when I arrived at UBC and I was seeking two things, A sound Christian club and a community. I encountered the Navs booth and I was immediately drawn in by their emphasis on the scripture and on discipleship, and community. I experienced various Christian clubs but I decided to commit to this group and it lived up everything I had hoped for and more. Both of these 2 things were apparent from the first meeting on imagine day, to the retreats, to the weekly meetings. Whether I was consistently able to attend or not, the pillars of this group had developed such a fun and genuine community that could laugh incessantly and turn anything into a competition but also openly question and grow in understanding the bible, share some of our deepest struggles and just do life together.


Honestly, I have sincere regrets from not spending more time with these people. School and life had thrown me off course but the group was always genuinely welcoming. I felt a real loss in my university experience because I had withdrawn myself. However, luckily for me, I was welcomed back as an alumni and fully immersed myself in experiencing the joy of the community, learning about God and journeying through life together. The Navs really challenged me to live life abundantly through Christ, to seek after the greater things of God and only helped me to grow as a Christian during my time at UBC.

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