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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned for more information on our upcoming events:


Small Groups

Starting in September


"Weekly Bible study of the Gospel of Matthew"

1:30-3pm Wednesdays in the McMaster Hospital Cafeteria

Contact Bruce ( if you're interested!


"Investigative Bible Discussions (IBD)"

Curious about Jesus? Read for yourself about his life and words, along with others from a variety of worldviews/perspectives.

If you're interested in participating or leading an IBD with your friends, contact


Volunteer Opportunities

Click here for more information about Navigator Volunteer Opportunities

Experience personal enrichment through community service. Stay tuned about more information on where and when the Navigators are going to be serving in the school year! 

Running and Reading is an after school program every Tuesday from 3:00 until 5:00 at Prince of Wales school.  We combine an hour of physical activity followed by an hour of reading activities for children Grades 1 until 6.  Contact Don at if you are interested in volunteering as a coach.

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